Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you have a question just ask me. I will be more than happy to answer it!

Q: "What should we wear?"

A: Deep, bright colors free of logos and words seem to look best in photos. Families don't have to all match exactly to look good. Different patterns and textures help make the photo more interesting and fun.

Q: "Do you print?"

A: Yes, check out my "Viewing and Printing" page for more details.

Q: "What if my kid won't smile?"

A: Don't worry about it! Some of the best photos, in my opinion, are serious. And sometimes, even when they are looking away! Remember, the more natural, the better! Also, relaxing about it can help too. Kids can sense tension. If we try to make it a calm, natural atmosphere, things will run more smoothly! Another thing: Distractions. Suckers, bubbles, etc work really well to distract as well as create smiles!

Q: "Can we reschedule if my kids aren't cooperating during the session?"

A: Sure. I want you to get pictures you'll like and use!

Q: "Do I get a CD with my photos on it?"A: Yes, I sell CDs upon request for an additional charge. The images are high res, so you can get just about any size.

Q: "What does 'on-location, natural light photographer' mean?"A: it means I shoot outdoors at the location of your choice ( or mine, if you have no preference.) I use nothing but the natural light. (This means NO FLASH!)

Q: "Do you do indoor photography?"

A: I could, if you need me to. I do not have a studio of my own at this time. If you need photos done indoors (for example, you have a newborn, or it's winter), we WILL figure something out! Of course, I prefer outdoors.

Q: "Do you have props?"

A: I have many props to choose from and am always updating my stash. Feel free to bring any props of your own if you would like to. I love hats, blankets, etc. Bringing your own props makes your shoot more personal and unique. I love new ideas!